Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Christianity as a Relationship?

Christians often talk about a "big shift" where Christianity moves from being a "Religion" to being a "Relationship." I'm writing about this right now and would appreciate some input from others.

I'm super-curious about YOUR experience with Christianity "as a relationship." For instance:

-Did Christianity as a "religion" work for you? Why/why not? How about as a "relationship"? Why/why not?

-If Christianity as a relationship didn't work for you, how specifically did it fail? I'd love to hear a story(ies)/example(s).

-If that did fail, did that effect your beliefs?

-What emotions/feelings did you experience, if any, about the idea of a relationship with Jesus when you first heard/thought about it? What did you expect? What feelings/emotions did you experience when/if your actual experience of that "relationship" turned out to be different than you expected?

-Any other related thoughts/feelings/stories?


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Anonymous said...

Ah I think this was the post you made reference to on the other blog I mentioned. I have all the same Qs... not too many clear answers out there though

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