Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Studio Pics & A Peek...

Want to take a peek inside my studio?

To be honest, this is just a corner of my studio and I've left loads of clutter/mess out of the photos but this is the pretty part and what the rest of the studio will look like soon!

I share an art table with my husband who does some small-scale modeling, so lately some of our favorite evenings are sitting across from one another, working on art stuff or sometimes one of us reading to the other while the other works. You can see just a bit of James' stuff in this photo...

Here's a little shelf full of some of my favorite things. If you've followed my other blog at all, you may even remember some of these pretties!

Here's a shot of the burlap curtains I made for the studio window last week. I love them but they need some ruffling on the edges before I show the full view!

Here's some paper "lanterns" I decorated/embellished using cheap pink lanterns from the party store. This is an idea I got from Heather Kowalski when she did this for one of her tutorials in our Sweet Six Studio. You can see some of her lanterns HERE.

I did no sewing with these! It's just ivory muslin and a hot glue gun, plus pieces of yummy ribbons and vintage trims I have in my studio. James hung it up in the corner for me and I love it.

Here's one of the circular Japanese lanterns I didn't add to at all, except for some simple ribbon/trim and a vintage millinery rose I've been saving for just the right thing. THIS was it! :)

 more thing....can you keep a secret....

Here's a peek at some things I've been making in my studio (or my dining room table, depending on what time of day!) that is going to arrive in the shoppe tomorrow....if you want to find them, go HERE.

Lots more where that came from, including the "Gossip Gloves" I'm wearing above, several more one-of-a-kind bags and even a sexy apron! Yikes!


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh my goodness! You look so cute in that glove shot!

I recognized those lanterns right away! What a turning point that work shop was for me! ♥

Cheryl Ensom said...

I'm glad you enjoyed that workshop, Holly! I'd love to hear what you mean by a "turning point," but you can email me if you'd rather do that. :)

I've thought about doing another workshop...maybe more focused on sewing/embroidery. Do you embroider or sew, Holly?

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