Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'll Just Whip Something Up....

I forgot to add photos of the apron to the below post! It's super sweet and shabby-chic but just a little bit flirty, too! You can find this apron HERE.

Vintage-inspired, this apron is a size Small/Medium and ties in the back. Cotton pink and white ticking with a delicious pink chiffon rose trim all around.

Wear this little sweetie whipping something up in the kitchen...or somewhere else in the house... ;)

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P.S. James, my husband, is entirely responsible for the last photo, by the way! He's behind the camera and even handed me the whisk! :) The cake carrier is a one-of-a-kind vintage/altered one my friend Pat Jones made. You can visit her at her blog HERE and link to her various shoppes. She makes incredible handmade creations, as well as selling some of the most beautiful vintage items I've seen anywhere.


Alison Gibbs said...

Cheryl what a sexy apron
Looks like James had fun taking these shots

Cheryl Ensom said...

Isn't it fun? :) you should have seen us in the yard, hoping no one we know drives by while I'm standing there posing in an apron, holding a whisk LOL!!

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