Saturday, September 11, 2010

Join the Conversation about "National Back to Church Sunday"


Tomorrow, Sunday the 12th, is "National Back to Church Sunday."

Perhaps you are:
-Someone who no longer attends church but is still a Christian
-Someone who no longer attends church, wouldn't call themselves a Christian, but is still spiritual in some fashion
-Someone who attends a non-traditional church
-Someone who goes to a traditional church but has a vision for a "re imagined church" (to borrow Frank Viola's terminology)

-Someone who is excited about "National Back to Church Sunday," is participating in it and encouraging others to join them.
-Some variation on one or several of the above

Depending on which category or categories you fall into, I'm imagining that some of you are cringing a little at the thought of inviting someone to church this coming Sunday, simply because it is National Back to Church Sunday. Or perhaps you might invite others to church all the time. Maybe you will invite someone, but just not on the official "day." Or possibly, you are someone who would not only not invite someone to church but who would rather not BE invited by anyone else! There's also a chance you are someone who attends church and has invited someone to church with them tomorrow.

Regardless, I'd like to challenge each one of you to, in some form or fashion, express what this coming Sunday means to you, either by leaving a comment here, posting something on your blog,  tweeting about it on Twitter, writing about it in a facebook note, or something else. Perhaps you'd like to make a youtube video. I realize this is last-minute but that's o.k.! It's a great opportunity to interact in "real-time" about issues we all feel, think and write about, but rarely get the opportunity to engage back and forth about like this. No matter what you think about this, join in the's sure to be interesting.

If you'd like to participate, there's a few ways you can join in. But if you'd rather not write something yourself, or don't have the time, you can link to my post here on My post will be up by midnight tonight.

Starting tomorrow I will post links to anyone else's blog or website, so if you write something, please email me or leave a comment on my blog so I can add your link to the list of posts others write. Feel free to link to others' posts, as well!

Here are some other ways you can participate, whether you write a post yourself or not:

-On facebook: Write a "note" about it, mention it in your status and/or link to your blog post or someone else's.
-On Twitter: Tweet about it with the tag "NationalBacktoChurchDay." You can tweet links, ideas, or whatever you want to.
-On your blog: Write something and/or link to my blog where the list of posts will be if your readers want to find other posts.
-On others' blogs: Read others' posts and think about commenting.

I'm imagining this interaction will spill over into this coming week so if you read this next week and still want to participate, please do so!

Lastly :) if you know someone who you think would like to participate in any fashion, please send them a link to this post.

Looking forward to the conversation!

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