Monday, June 7, 2010

A love that never leaves

This is beautiful. It touches something deep, deep inside. This morning is a tough morning. I'm overwhelmed by the pain that goes along with being human, so much of which is delivered at the hands of other human beings. I have delivered pain to others and I ache over that.

I long for a "wider place" where all that stuff falls off and we relate to one another, heart to heart. No judgment, no rejection, no fear, no defensiveness, no pride and no wounds. Just the real me and the real you, connecting.

I am hanging on to the knowledge that I have, deep in my tummy, that even those who treat me or others like shit are just PEOPLE, people who underneath their actions are made of the same stuff as I am, hurt like I do, ache the way I do and want what I do. Finding and living out of that real place that is in every single one of us is what life is all about. This line of the song says it perfectly:

"No matter what we may believe, we're all searching for love that never leaves."

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