Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nesting: A Photo Essay

She built a nest for she and her little ones,
piece by piece. She hand-selected the things that she needed and wanted for her happy life: things that nourish and nurture her heart, mind and body.

She didn't wait for someone to help her, and when asked to co-create nests with others, she actually declined. There would be a time for that. But her own personal nest had to be secure first. She knew also that her nest had to be self-sustaining; it couldn't be dependent on someone else staying in a certain posture in relation to her.

Not only that, but the safety and security of her nest under her would be the only position from which she could relate to others in a real way. With her nest intact, she could experience others not as sources of safety, security and happiness, but rather as people with whom to share time, fun, love and connection without fear.

She must meet all her basic creature needs herself before she can truly love someone else. Too often she'd handed the responsibility for her happiness to someone else and they had of course never succeeded at making her happy. She was made to feel, by her own mind, that her needs were too much and her expectations too high. In reality she was simply going to the wrong person with her needs.

She alone could truly manifest what she needed and wanted to be happy, healthy and whole. She alone could create a life that was a gift to herself. She alone could find herself shivering in the cold and usher herself to a cozy fire in a room full of things that comforted and nurtured her. She alone could fashion the perfect nest for herself. No one else could hand-design her own "one happy life."

When this finally became really real to her she realized that her perspective had changed. She'd gone from living in fear that another person would leave her without the ability to have her needs provided for, to finding herself sitting at an art table, loaded with supplies, and the beautiful burn of art welling up inside of her and spilling out in the form of an intricate but simple handmade nest.

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