Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mend This Dream

(I originally posted this on my blog a couple months ago, but thought I'd re-post...something I wrote quite awhile ago)


Sewing stitches
In my wishes
Hoping I can
Mend this dream

Holding tighter
Smiling brighter
Trying harder
To believe

I can do it
I can make it
I can mend it
I can fake it

Swallow doubt
I’m looking 'round
I’m trying harder
Not to see

Pushing harder
Numbing my heart
Knowing well
This can’t be right

But in the end
I’m left again
Seeing now
Nothing to mend

Dreams I lost
I never had
Sitches dropped
I’ve lost the thread

I let it fall
I lose it all
And then I see -

I've been there
All along
No need to mend
What isn't wrong

My needle drops
I rest my hands
I can breathe
I can be

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Cheyenne said...

Beautiful poem, Cheryl.

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