Friday, April 23, 2010

"Women & God"

I've mentioned here on the blog that May is the first month that I'm acting as Guest Editor for a wonderful e-zine, The Porpoise Diving Life.

The topic for May is "Women & God" and this issue will be released on Mother's Day. I've issued a call for submissions from any women who would like to write/create something on this topic. This could take the form of:

-an article
-a story
-a poem
-song lyrics
-art piece
-just about anything creative you can think of!

Someone who's interested in submitting something for the May issue of PDL asked me for some ideas of things to write about for the topic of "Women & God." This list is by no means exhaustive! Just some ideas that I personally would be interested in writing about and thought might get the wheels turning in your head, too....

-How you uniquely experience God as a woman.
-How you don't experience God because you're a woman.
-Your experience of patriarchy/misogyny in the church/Christianity.
-The unique way that women reflect God's image.
-The "mother" heart of God/God as woman/mother/feminine.
-The responsibility of Christians today to reverse the effect of institutionalized misogyny, both in the church and the culture
-Jesus as radical feminist
-Is it enough to androgonize God/the Bible or do we need to intentionally feminize God/the Bible?
-How much of the failure of Christianity to reflect Jesus' message of the kingdom is the direct result of the minimization of the "feminine" qualities of God?

Cheryl :)
Guest Editor 2010, The Porpoise Diving Life,

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