Saturday, May 29, 2010

Falling into....what?

"It is the feeling of finally moving in the direction I have always tried to move in but could never succeed at.

It is the feeling of an aching need that was as part of me as my own flesh being finally fulfilled more exquisitely than I could ever have imagined.

I am not fighting. I am joyfully going where I am being taken, with every fiber of my being.

It is a feeling of falling, deliciously, into joy.

And then I land."


The above in an excerpt from something I've written. But I'm wondering....

As you read the above, what comes to mind?

Where is it that YOU are being taken?

In what are YOU landing?

Where and what is that place for you?

Is it a place? A person? A truth?

Or could it be a "knowing" that you've been avoiding for awhile now, but realize has been there all along?

Something else?

There's no "right answer"....

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