Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shell Gatherers

Shell Gatherers (how I feel tonight)

Despite whatever differences we may have,
deep down inside there's a longing in each one of us

to be "picked"...
and to "pick"...

and then when we've picked another
and they've seen the truth of who we are

to be picked again

every day...
come what may...

to be the pretty shell someone sees among all the others
and catches up in their hand
and tucks into their pocket
and then holds
even after they've let go of everything else

and then
when it feels like we have been discarded
we run
we hide
we go away

today I rest in the sand
a shell among shells
waiting (but living)
hoping (but breathing)
lying back in the sand (and laughing into the sun)

trusting love
to see

but not hiding 'til then
(not anymore)

Instead -
being love
seeing you
picking you
in this moment


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vicki c. said...

this brought tears to my eyes. how might i allowed others to feel chosen, to know that i might see the uniqueness in another - not in idle flattery, but in genuine recognition. and to be filled with gratitude for those who might find something unique in me, that enrichs their life.. for me, so much beyond 'romance' but the foudation of Love - that which transcends all 'forms'... very hopeful. ; )

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