Monday, March 12, 2012

A Flower Fairy Party

We finally had Rachel's friend party this past weekend! The theme was Flower Fairies and everyone had so much fun.

  The beautiful flower fairy that Rachel is holding was hand-created by my friend, Pat.


James is really good at face-painting.

Some of his handiwork!

The cake was handmade by our friend, Sarah Waters

Rachel and Daddy

First step in the Fairy Garden project was for each child to pick a bowl (James had cut a hole in the bottom of each one) and to fill it with potting soil. Then each child got to pick from several different types of flowers and place them wherever they wanted to. Then they added things like moss, glass half-marbles, seashells, coral, spools, sticks, small circular mirrors to look like little "pools," and even cut fairy clothes out of fabric in case the fairies might need new dresses.

Rachel's grandma helping her tie string to some stick to make a fairy clothesline!

One of the finished fairy gardens!

Another one!

And another...
tiny little details!

Even Andrew got into it. He is sure the boy fairies will prefer his garden.

Another beautiful fairy garden by one of the girls...

We had such a great time. If you would like to create fairy garden like the ones we made, all you need are the following materials:

-Large plastic bowls or pots. Be sure that there is a hole/slit in the bottom for water to drain out.
-A pan or dish for the bowl to sit in. I bought these bowls and matching dishes for $1 each at WalMart.
-Potting soil
-Several diferent types of flowers or other plants. Even cactus would be fun.
-Moss (fake or real), pebbles, sticks, half-marbles, shells and other fun additions can be purchased at the craft store or even found in your yard or park.

Have fun! :)

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