Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Favorite Song This Week


Cathy said...

Perfect! xo

Cheryl Ensom Dack said...

I thought you might like it. :) Sending you a warm hug, Sweets.

Alison Gibbs said...

Speaking from experience the words of Its okay by me it was a long time ago - are something hard to deal with

Cheryl Ensom Dack said...

Me, too...that's the part that brings tears to my eyes. Maybe I'll write about it here someday, but suffice it to say, sometimes being injured/victimized AND guilt over it are sadly intertwined. So for me, the words you quoted are the words I would speak to that young woman in the past that I used to be who is still "stuck" back there in the guilt.

"Let it go, Cheryl. It's in the past. I'm not holding it against you."

But of course you might be hearing something else there, Alison. Music has a way of speaking differently to different people...even the same people at different times. might be time to write about this. I've done some, but it is so very raw. yikes. We'll see.

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